Martians, Aliens and Extraterrestrials: Costumes and Accessories

If you’re really into everything from outer space, you’ll love our selection of Martian, extraterrestrial and alien costumes, masks and accessories! Dare to go deep into the vastness of the universe and discover the best costume parties in the galaxy, to which you can elegantly attend with one of these Martian, extra-terrestrial or alien costumes and accessories. Put on some goggles with a bulging eye, a big-headed alien or silver-eyed E.T. mask, or have a parasite poke out from your insides with a latex chest piece. Discover all of the terrifying alien masks available in our catalog. At Funidelia, you’ll find the Martian or alien costume you’re looking for, in the most epic E.T. style. Turn eyes at the next Carnival, Halloween, birthday, bachelors or bachelorettes party or any other celebration.
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