Jon Snow Funko Pop!

Whether Jon Snow has always been your favourite to occupy the Iron Throne, or if you think he really does “know nothing”... We’ve got great news! Now you can take home your favourite Jon Snow Funko Pop! At Funidelia you can find all the Funko versions of Jon Snow, from every season. From Jon Snow as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch at Castle Black, to Jon Snow “beyond the wall” who walks with Ygritte and the Free Folk, the Funko model of Jon Snow as the King of the North, or Jon Snow in the “Battle of the Bastards” with Ramsay Bolton. We’ve even got a special edition Funko Jon Snow sitting on the Iron Throne! We’ve got them all! In Funidelia’s Game of Thrones merchandise section you’ll find all the Game of Thrones Funkos you could ever want to add to your collection, or to gift to a fan friend of the series. Pick your favourite Funko Jon Snow and get a Funko Daenerys to accompany him!
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