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The best accompaniment for your costume is a good mask. It will help you to completely change your look and give your costume a realistic touch, and that way you can be the life of any costume party, whether it be for a birthday, a Carnival or Halloween. At Funidelia, the costume shop with one thousand faces, you will be able to find the best offer for latex masks, face masks, digital masks, horror masks, moving masks... Don't go without the best unique masks like that of Batman, Kylo Ren, Stormtrooper or V from Vendetta. More than 1000 masks are waiting for you to bring your costume to life. If your theme is horror, without a doubt you will need a mask, as you'll be able to scare your friends to death with a zombie mask, which are really frightening. With one of our digital masks you will be able to have a more realistic costume, and because they are controlled by an mobile phone application, you will be in control and able to move one eye at a time or create some of the coolest effects. And terrifying too. If you prefer you can choose a venetian mask or eyemask, that covers your face but in a more subtle and delicate way, perfect if you're going for a costume that is from times past. We also have animal masks which can help you transform into a horse, a monkey or a unicorn. You only have to put it on and your look will almost be complete. This accessory is the ideal compliment that you will need for your costume to attract the attention of all. And don't worry you'll be able to see and breathe perfectly. The only thing you will have to do is enjoy yourself.