Minions costumes

Hello Papagena! Get ready to celebrate at a party with your favourite villains: you will need Minion costumes, yellow make-up, garlands and bunting and a bit of an evil mind. We have everything you need but, don't forget the bananas!We won't even ask you who your favourite minion is because it's obvious it is Bob. What? You prefer Stuart or Kevin? Luckily, we have many minion costumes for kids and adults. The whole family could go dressed up as minions. If you're feeling inspired, you could even dress up your pet and transform it into the most adorable canine minion. Not only do we have minion costumes, you also have the possibility of dressing up as Gru himself, his brother Dru or even the villain Scarlet Overkill. However, if we had to choose between a minion costume and all the other options that exist, even between movie and cartoon costumes, we would pick a Fluffy costume, Agnes' unicorn, it's the cutest of them all. It's sooo fluffy! 😍Although minions tend to be more successful amongst kids costumes, at Funidelia you can find a minion costume for adults and you could introduce yourself at the next costume party shouting: Banaaaanaaaa!
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