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Choose your realistic Halloween mask among a wide range of horror masks and be ready to scare everyone around you in the next Halloween!

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If you really want to scare all your friends in Halloween, there is no better way than turning into one of their nightmare creatures. In Funidelia we know how you can do it: wearing a realistic and high quality horror mask from a variety of Halloween themes. If you want to become a serial killer, a horror movie character, a werewolf, a mummy or a demon, hide yourself behind one of our masks and nobody will recognise you!

If you just want to complement your costume for Halloween, you can buy one of our cheap Halloween masks and you will add to your costume that final touch it needed. Otherwise, opt for the high quality masks with false scars, blood, wounds, hair and damaged skin. It will be really worthy!

If you are a fan of the classical and newest horror films, you will love our range of official horror masks of the best-known characters: Saw, Freddie Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason, Chucky, Scream, Beetlejuice, Corpse Bride, The Walking Dead and many more!

You may be looking for a mask to complement your costume about a horror creature. In that case, you can buy a great selection of scary Halloween masks, such as killer clowns, Slipknot masks, pumpkin masks, skeleton masks, werewolf masks, demon masks, vampire masks or other monsters. And if you want you can try our animated masks −which move the jaw, the eyes or the skin− or our digital masks which allow you to use your phone to create amazing effects!

Shopping your Halloween mask on Funidelia cannot be easier and safer: you will have money back guarantee if the mask is not what you were looking for, and also we have Express Delivery 24-48h, because we know Halloween will not wait for your costume to arrive!