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Kamehameha!!! Become an authentic Saiyan warrior and collect all seven orbs in your Dragon Ball costume. Enjoy full power in your Dragon Ball costume at the next costume party, Halloween or Carnival. Browse Goku, Vegeta, Master Roshi, Piccolo and even Freezer costumes. Decide which one is your favorite character and order your Dragon Ball costume so you can defeat Freezer and his evil mission.

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Dragon Ball follows the adventures of Goku, a Saiyan warrior whose mission is to protect the Earth from evil beings like Freezer, whom he faces once he becomes an adult. Goku also has to gather and protect the seven magical orbs so that the enemy forces don’t have access to the wish-granting Dragon. As the plot unfolds, Goku becomes friends with other warriors like Vegeta and Piccolo, who are villains at first, but end up becoming allies to help defeat evil. At Funidelia, you’ll find the largest online catalog of Dragon Ball costumes for adults so you can have a blast at the next party.