Halloween Accessories

Make your costume more realistic with our great range of Halloween accessories: masks, wigs, wounds, blood, latex liquid and many more!

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If you are preparing yourself for spending the spookiest time of the year in Halloween, you will probably have a costume in mind... but you will need to choose from a proper selection of Halloween accessories to complement your costume and to scare everybody around you!

Besides, you may need to add some little details to your older costumes and transform your DIY costume to give your Halloween outfit a distinct touch! In Funidelia you will find many Halloween accessories with high quality and great prices: masks, wigs, arms (chainsaws, axes, knives...), demon horns, sexy tights, long eyelashes, capes, tusks false blood and wounds and the incredible liquid latex for makeup and become the most realistic horror creature possible!

Let's dress up and spend a spooky time in Halloween!