Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug Costumes

Discover the Ladybug costumes- the miraculous Ladybug that is joined by Cat Noir to fight against the villain Hawk Moth

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Best Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Costumes

Are you ready to experience lots of adventures as one of the popular superhero’s of today? That can be done with these Ladybug costumes and Cat Noir- the main characters of the cartoon series 'The Miraculous Ladybug' Marinette and Adrien are two young teenagers that study together but are unaware of each other’s secrets. With the help of su kwami Tikki, Marinette, converts herself into the heroine Ladybug and Adrien does the same, thanks to the collaboration of Plagg. Together they form a pact and both aim to protect the city of Paris from Hawk Moth villain using a mixture of skill and agility, intelligence from him and bravery from her. They’re both madly in love, but they do not know the identity behind their superpowers ... Will they ever know? They have these superpowers thanks to los kwami, those small creatures which they fuse and where they find the skill, speed and force to fight. The yo-yo is Ladybugs go to weapon. It’s red with black spots just like a ladybird. She uses it as a hook, weapon and phone, also even as a shield. Cat Noir has a metal baton that can stretch out to a sword and she uses it to get in contact with ladybug when she needs her help. If you like the Ladybug costumes- you can choose the ladybird costume and complete it with an eye mask and her blue wig. Or if you’d prefer to become Cat Noir don’t hesitate to dress up in a great black cat costume with ears, eye mask and bell Buy your ladybug and cat Noir costumer now at Funidelia, your online costume shop. That way there will be no evil that resists you, even if you are a cat or a ladybug ...