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Do you wanna roar like a lion, bark like a dog or be king of the jungle? Which of these animal costumes is your favorite then? They are ideal for those people who like to follow their instincts, who are adventurous and who love having fun. So, if you consider yourself one of those people, do not hesitate: enjoy the ride through our amazing catalogue on Funidelia where you will find the most original animal and insect costumes. You’ll be able to jump from branch to branch like a gorilla or you can wallow in the swamp like a pig. You will even get to be the king of the henhouse. We also have land or water Animals or insects that are not that creepy. like ... a cute butterfly, a funny fly (hopefully not too heavy) or even a merry red ladybug. The models that you will find on our website are made for everyone, as we have animal costumes for adults and also children, because the little ones are even cuter when it comes to being wrapped up in a onsie animal costume. Waste no more time and get your animal and insect costumes now. It would be great to create a mini zoo between you and your friends for carnival or become some sea animals for your next Stag or Hen do. Don’t forget that we’re all connected in this great circle of life and you be anything you want with these comfortable, fun and original costumes. And for the more cold-natured people, discover the selection of Kigurumi and Onesie costumes. Everyone will want to hug you!