Animal costumes for adults and kids. Bug fancy dress costumes

If you love fauna, you will love these animal costumes. Animal costumes for adults and kids, that will turn you into an adorable panda bear, rabbit, dinosaur, parrot, chicken or cow. If you prefer small creepy-crawlies, you'll go nuts about these insect costumes: bees, worms or ladybirds. And much more! Amongst the most comfortable and cosy animal costumes are Kigurumi costumes and onesies, they are almost like pajamas in the shape of big, fluffy animals that allow you to move freely. These original costumes are ideal for a parade at the Carnival in the middle of winter or to raise the stakes at the pajama party you've been planning for ages. These animal costumes go a long way and there are many different models and species like a bear, orangutan or a panther and together with a boy called Mowgli you will make up the perfect Jungle Book costume. A great Carnival idea! If you prefer mythical creatures, these unicorn or mermaid costumes are perfect for you. You can finish your costume with one of these original animal masks that will help you achieve a genuine "animal look".
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