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The Funidelia Ballroom has opened its doors! Welcome to the epicentre of the adventures of the gangsters to the rhythm of the cabaret. The twenties costumes take us back to a crazy and fun era in which the Charleston took over and when the sequins, fringes and glitter shone everywhere. These costumes of the 1920s are perfect for celebrating New Year's Eve, for example, and also for a themed party set in these years or for Carnival dressing up with a group of friends. Some can be gangsters, other burlesque girls or dance cabaret. We even encourage you to organize your own party at home with these Charleston for women and gangster for men. Or why not the other way around? Prepare the music, the cancan’s, the ties and the submachine guns and make a trip back to the crazy 20’s. Do not forget the best accessories to complete your costumes and if you are going to wear a Charleston costume you cannot out on a long pearl necklace, a feather in your hair and a cigarette holder, or if you prefer to perform a Burlesque performance you must wear your bunch of feathers and your mini hat. If you are an evil mobster do not forget the hat or the gun or machine gun, or the tie or scarf, depends on how evil you are, and you can wear all of this with a white or black suit. There are many types of bad guys. Do not miss out on these incredible 20’s costumes, surprise everyone and organise an original 20’s themed party. Leave your problems behind, in this universe life is beautiful, the girls are beautiful and even the orchestra is beautiful