Halloween Makeup

Transform yourself with our range of Halloween makeup, latex prosthesis, fake blood and wounds to look horrifically realistic!

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When talking about Halloween, it is difficult to imagine a costume attracting all looks from everyone without the proper makeup. In Funidelia we know it and we offer the largest selection of Halloween makeup, Halloween latex prosthesis and other ways to transform yourself in a horrific creature!

Do you need some Halloween makeup ideas? What about dressing up as a zombie with latex wounds, zombie makeup from The Walking Dead and a lot of fake blood? Or maybe you want to become a vampire with large fangs thanks to our special vampire makeup, or Frankenstein with lots of scars and latex prosthesis, or maybe trying with our skeleton makeup, or becoming any of the classic horror movie characters like Freddy Krueger, Saw or Jason among others!

If you want your costume to look as realistic as possible, it is also important to use liquid latex to create you own false wounds and decide how horrific you want to look like! Besides, to use false blood will allow you to add realism to the wounds, and if you use mastix adhesive you will be sure that prosthesis will remain standing all night long.

In Funidelia you will be able to buy the best Halloween makeup to complement your costume, so be prepared to make a difference in the most horrific night of the year!