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Captain America Costumes

The biggest superheroes of the Marvel universe choose Funidelia to dress them, and that’s why we bring you the greatest selection of Captain America Costumes. In addition to the traditional models and the other appearances we’ve seen in this years movie, you will also find more daring and feminine versions as well as costumes for kids- to help you become the bravest superhero at the next theme party or Carnival. If you consider yourself a huge fan don’t miss out on the elite and deluxe versions from both the single movies and that of the Avengers Captain America is the alter ego of Steve Rogers and is a one-many army who took the major jump from the role of comics to theatres. His attire consists of a suit with the flag of the United States and he carries his shield to protect himself. He always appears in blue and red but different types, depending on the movie. It ranks 6th place among the best comic heroes of all time. In addition to your costume, you can also celebrate your birthday with Captain America decorations, - plates and garlands.ç Remember that this superhero is nothing without his gloves, his mask and his shield with white, red and blue circles, and his central star. Buy these Captain America costumes at Funidelia, your online costume store, and enjoy great adventures!