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XXL Costumes

We love your size! It doesn't matter what size you are because you will always be big to us. At Funidelia your reliable online shop, we offer you a wide range of plus size costumes for men and women. Don't waste anymore time and find the most daring costume for a Carnival, Halloween, birthday or any themed party that you want to go to.

On our website you can consult the size guide to be able to make a regret-free purchase. You can also try the item on in the comfort of your own home and return it if you find there is a problem or you want to change the size if you didn't get it quite right. These plus size costumes come with designs that are young, sexy, unique, fun, elegant, cheap and luxury... And they come in all different themes from medieval to pirates, to professions, superheroes, princesses and film characters. Our catalogue is always being updated so that you can get the best deals on costumes in plus sizes: XL, XXL, XXXL.

You could be a sexy Mother Christmas, or a pirate that plunges through the sea, the main character of your favourite film or your favourite singer that you like to copy. There is no limit to your imagination! And the same goes to say at Funidelia, because our online shop is the best demonstration that anything is possible and that nothing can stop us from dressing up and experiencing fun and happy times with the right company.

Don't wait any longer to discover all the plus size costumes for men and women that we have available for you. There is no valid excuse, go and get dressed up, problem free!