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Prepare to have a blast in these Smurfs costumes. Put on your favorite Smurfs costume and enjoy the party! You’ll be a hit at the next Carnival or costume party. If you’re planning a couple costume, you’ll make a good-looking pair in a Smurfette and Grouchy or Brainy costume. Or, choose Papa Smurf’s costume so you can be the wisest smurf in the village.

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Official Smurfs costumes for your costume parties!

Time to smurf around! The Smurfs village is home to some very cute blue gnomes. Papa Smurf is in charge and he makes sure everything runs smoothly. Harmony reigns in the village as each Smurf develops a specific ability that makes him special: intelligence, strength, etc. But, one day, someone comes around to disrupt the peace of the village: evil Gargamel and his cat Azrael! They dream of destroying the Smurfs so they can steal their magic. But, we’re sure they won’t succeed! At Funidelia, you’ll find the largest online catalog of Smurf costumes, with the best selection of affordable Smurf costumes so you can have a blast at the next party. You’ll find Smurfs costumes for men, women, children and babies. Put on a Smurfs costume, add some blue makeup and make your look come alive. Also, find a whole section of Smurf accessories like caps, boot covers, masks and birthday decorations for an awesome Smurfs party.