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Harley Quinn Suicide squad costume and Arkham city

Don’t miss out on our range of Harley Quinn officially licensed DC comics costumes and turn yourself into the most daring and sexy villain! Harley Quinn met the famous Joker while he was working as a psychiatrist in Arkham and he turned out to be the most desired and admired villain of DC comics. Their provocative and sexy sets seduce their victims and converts them into his accomplice and the joker’s girlfriend which left him without a doubt with some dementia and mental problems. It was rumoured also that he always had a thing for his supervillain friend Poison Ivy. Harley quinn is an outstanding gymnast that has no problem in making extreme jumps in any of his battles, using venom and toxins, which does not affect him thanks to the fact that Poison ivy granted him immunity to various toxins. Harley Quinn suicide squad costume; In this new movie, the outfit consists of a white sporty t-shirt with red shoulders and short shorts with shiny sequins. In addition, her look is completed with a short leather jacket and her famous baseball bat. If you like this look, you can’t forget about the flashy and characteristic blonde wig with red and blue highlights. Harley Quinn Arkham city Costume: This is more of an urban style – leather and dark colours are what determines the costume of this era. It also includes tight trousers and a fashionable corset, which allows to show off your sexy waist. Don’t forget about the high boots, pigtails and a good lipstick to complete this sexy look. You can watch the Harley Quinn Makeup tutorial in this exciting video by our youtube collaborator Sara G (sexxxyblood) Harley Quinn Asilo Arkham: This time, this costume has components of a nurse’s costume- referring back to the time when our dear doctor Harleen Frances Quinze was a psychiatrist here. Harley Quinn Arlequin Classic: Fitted onsie in black and red classic mode poker arlequin. Ideal for going into battle with Joker character to any Fancy dress party- Halloween or Carnival. Now you know this fascinating DC character, therefore you’ve no excuse not to try one of these original costumes. Muhahahah