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Join the most joyful puppies with these paw patrol costumes and choose between Chase, Marshall and Skye and many more

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Paw Patrol Costumes: Chase, Marshall, Skye...

If you need them, then you’ve got them. The Paw Patrol costumes are a great way for kids to turn into the characters they aspire to be – these cute dogs that is led by Ryder and that work together to keep the peace in the city full of adventures. At Funidelia you will find a wide selection of Paw Patrol costumes: The Chase costume will turn you into a brave police dog, with Marshall you will become a daredevil firefighter, the Skye helicopter will always be with you, and Rubble, Everest, Zuma and Rocky will be by your side on these adventures. Experience a fun and original birthday party with these great Paw Patrol costumes so that all the guests can form this group of bloodhounds whose particular abilities make it possible for them to take on adventures and ready to fight to save their city. Be brave like Chase, despite his allergy to cats and feathers, be dodgy yet audacious like Marshall, be skilled like Rubble or if you like be sweet and dreamy like Skye. These Paw Patrol Costumes are available also for your dogs! Because there’s nothing more fun than dressing you pets up as one of these cute little characters. We know that kids are crazy about these puppies and that’s why we offer you a wide range of Paw Patrol costumes – perfect for any occasion – for kids and pet, so that everyone can show off their skills and get to that magic place where fun things happen!