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Wow! But what do we have here? A fantastic selection of costumes from Funidelia! The whole family can dress up in these fun dog costumes, your pet too. They're perfect so that your pet can have a whale of a time at a Carnival or Halloween or at any party, that's why you can't miss out on these dog costumes. They are fun and unique and come in a variety of different styles. For example, your pet could be a superhero, could turn into another animal like a brave dinosaur, a famous singer or the main character of your favourite cartoon. Animal costumes always make people smile because pets look adorable dressed in these original costumes. Superhero pet costumes are really fun. Can you imagine your pet transform into Superman, Batman, or Captain America? Or if you're a faithful follower of the most famous saga in the Universe, put a Star Wars costume on your pet. Your pet will be able to become a master. Or if you have a passion for music transform your pet into Blonde Ambition, The King of Rock or Michael Perrakson. If you dare, if you are brave and bold, you could put one of these costumes on your cat, as these costumes come in different sizes they're perfect for cats or other pets. However, we don't know how long you would have to fight to get it on it! The choice is yours! Don't miss out on looking at our catalogue of costumes for dogs and you will see just how cheap and unique our pet costumes are for your pet to celebrate the next Carnival. Your family costumes should be united! Its always more fun that way.