1st Birthday Party

One of life’s greatest moments is coming up... Celebrating your baby’s first birthday. One year full of caring, love, and probably plenty of tears and very little sleep. But let’s focus on the good stuff... Celebrating their first birthday!  Create a special atmosphere with kids decorations featuring cartoons, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, some stars... You can hang garlands and balloons with the number 1 on them. A special day that you can decorate with a pink, blue, silver or gold first birthday decorations, or mix them up for a more fun and colourful atmosphere. Don’t forget to buy first birthday plates, cups and napkins, because a party needs food and drink. In this first birthday party collection you’ll find decoration sets to fall in love with. Rugs and decorations for your baby's chair, and a bib and a hat to make it even more adorable. You’ll go crazy for it! And, of course, don’t forget to buy a cute cake and a number 1 candle. Get your camera ready to take photos because with these first birthday decorations you’ll want to immortalize exciting moments to remember always, and you can show them to your little one when they’re older.  




Garlands & Hanging decoration

Baking Supplies