Pirate Costumes for Boys and Girls. Pirate Costumes for Babies

Little ones will have a blast in these pirate costumes for girls and boys. Become the epic Barbarossa or the fun Jack Sparrow in one of these amazing costumes. Will you be able to pick just one? These costumes are perfect for a themed birthday party in which everyone dresses up. Get your pirate costume for boys with an eye patch and wooden leg, and complement with skulls and rags as decoration. We even have zombie pirate or ghost ship costumes. Remember you can, and should, complete your children’s pirate fancy dress costume with a captain hat or handkerchief, a vest, a sword or a blunderbuss. Have you decided which legendary pirate you’ll become? Your friends are sure to love it!

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You'll sail the seven seas with your girls' pirate costume. Turn into the bravest buccaneer with your boys' pirate costume.

Don’t miss out on all of the options Funidelia’s online costume shop has for you. Discover an amazing costume that is sure to be a hit at the next Carnival, birthday party or themed party. The perfect pirate fancy dress costume for boys is waiting for you at our online store. Become a brave buccaneer that will sail the seven seas in search of hidden treasures. Or find everything you need to take the lead role in your favorite movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. You’ll also find pirate fancy dress costumes for brave fighter girls. And never forget it: a pirate’s life is better!