Batman costumes for boys

Night falls and the "bad boys" do "bad things". Your little one will want to get dressed up in his Batman costume for boys and go out and look for an epic adventure. Make up a superhero duo. You with your Batman costume and him with a mini version of the same fancy dress costume. Or let him transform into the Dark Knight's faithful friend with one of our Robin costumes. But not everyday is an easy one, catching a petty thief, sometimes there are super villains like the Joker, the Penguin or the one and only Two-Face Harvey Dent that you have to go up against. Don't worry about it, with these Batman costumes for boys you will have everything you need to face them. Also, your best friend can dress up as the Joker to create the weirdest duo at the costume party. Good and evil, always fighting but always together. Let your little ones enjoy this selection of Batman costumes for girls and boys and these clever accessories (masks, gloves, belts, batarangs...) that you will find on our website. Grab a Batman costume for your child and enjoy the Carnival, Halloween or birthday party. There are hundreds of different superhero costumes for you to choose your favourite!
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