Assassin's Creed Merchandise and Gifts

Assassin’s Creed merchandise and gifts are sure to impress any gamer. They’re also great for treating yourself…because you deserve it. Self-gifting is awesome! Assassin’s Creed is a videogame franchise that includes books and short historical fiction films. The series features historic and science fiction intertwined with real-world historical events and figures. Here you’ll find everything from Assassin’s Creed hoodies to the suits worn by the videogame characters. Browse t-shirts, mugs, caps, backpacks and even the wristband worn by the main character. We have everything a true Assassin would need to fight the Templars! Have you played this videogame, or do you know someone who is a fan of the series? Find the perfect Assassin’s Creed gift in our online catalog.

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Be the ultimate gift giver with these original Assassin's Creed gifts.

In this section, you’ll find countless Assassin’s Creed gift options. If you’re looking for clothing, browse our hoodies, jackets, pants and t-shirts. Or, check out our selection of caps. In our collection of Assassin’s Creed merchandise, shop for accessories like wristbands, belts, wallets, backpacks, keyrings, pendants and earrings. All of these products feature Assassin’s Creed logo, but you’ll also find other cool prints that reference the videogame and movie characters.