Halloween Party: Halloween costumes, accessories, masks, makeup & decoration

If you want to have the best Halloween party ever, you will need some Halloween costumes, accessories, masks, makeup and decoration!

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Halloween Party: Halloween costumes, accessories, masks, makeup & decoration

One night a year, your worst nightmares come to life: the hairiest werewolves, the deadliest zombies, the bloodiest vampires, the evilest witches, the scariest skeletons, the best murderers from the horror movies and many other creatures walk around the streets searching for... the horrifying and funniest party!

A party for which you have to be prepared, and that is why in Funidelia we suggest you the widest range of Halloween products to live the scariest Halloween party ever!


The first step to have a great Halloween night is to wear the proper Halloween fancy dress, so you can look as scariest as possible! Try with our selection of costumes from horror movies and series such as Michael Myers, Saw, The Walking Dead or Freddie Krueger, or just dress up as a witch, a ghost, a skeleton, a werewolf or another kind of monster. The choice is yours!


You will look awesomely scary with your costume, but why not complement it with our Halloween accessories? Axes, knives, bones, spiderwebs, witch hats, false body parts... Everything you need for your fancy dress!


If you really want to scare people a lot, there is no better way than wearing a latex mask from Funidelia: some of them are so realistic that people will think you are an actual murderer or monster! We have demon masks, Saw masks, Michael Myers masks, werewolf masks, killer clowns masks and even our special digital masks with movement that you can control from an app in your phone.


In case you are not wearing a full mask, you will need a proper makeup to actually become a horror character. Try some of our latex prosthesis, false scars, false blood, zombie makeup, vampire makeup or joker makeup. You will look terrifying!


Now you are already dressed up as a horror character, but that is not enough if you really want to leave a great impression in your guests. If you are going to have a Halloween party in your house, make sure you create the scariest experience ever! Imagine your guests entering the house and discovering it is full of tombstones, hanging skeletons and Halloween pumpkins, and that in the dinner table there are false skulls and false rats and spiders. Obviously, the menu can consist on a false human fingers pie and some drinks simulating fresh blood. They will be frightened!

As you see, with Funidelia there is no excuse to not having fun this October in the best Halloween night ever!