Obi-Wan Kenobi Costumes

Has a friend ever begged you, "Help me, are you my only hope?” That's because he’s seen the Jedi inside you! And with these Obi-Wan Kenobi costumes, you’re just a step from becoming one. We met Obi-Wan when he was an ageing hermit hiding in the dunes of Tatooine. But we soon discovered that, as a Jedi Knight, he took on the Empire in the Clone Wars to defeat Darth Vader, who had been his Padawan before he succumbed to the dark side of the Force. The Obi-Wan costume features a long brown cape and a beige robe. However, your costume will not be complete until you get a lightsaber, and we have them in all the existing colors: green, red, purple and blue, like Obi-Wan’s original lightsaber. You can also dress up as Darth Maul, one of the first Sith Lords Obi-Wan confronted when he was just an apprentice. Or, grab a Jedi robe and complete your Luke Skywalker costume to restore balance to the Force. Get ready to start your journey on the light path of the Force. You can choose any version of Obi-Wan’s costumes, from the ones that appeared in the initial Star Wars episodes to the ones in the Star Wars Rebels series. Get your favorite Star Wars Jedi costume now and remember: The Force will be with you. Always!
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