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Get ready to defeat Frieza and throw energy balls like a true Saiyan warrior with your Goku costume!

There won’t be a single Saiyan warrior that will be able to defeat you when you wear your Goku costume. Grab your friends and dress up as a group with our Dragon Ball costumes: Vegeta, Master Muten Roshi, Piccolo or even Frieza.

Goku was initially sent to Earth as a baby to conquer it but, as a child, he lost his memory and grew up with a pure heart, maintaining the powers of his people under the tutelage of Grandpa Gohan. Goku’s story in Dragon Ball begins when he and Bulma join together to gather the Seven Dragon Balls.

During his training, he learns the Flying technique, lightning speed and to feel "the Ki" (his combat power and vital force). And, with the help of Master Muten Roshi, he learns to use the Kamehameha, the most famous combat technique from Turtle School, which involves a choreography where hands are cupped to form a circle of Ki energy which is launched as an attack.

Son Goku ends up becoming the most powerful Z Fighter and the defender of the Earth against the evil forces that are trying to conquer it.

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