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Prepare to shoot energy balls like a true Saiyan warrior and defeat Freezer in your Goku costume! No Saiyan warrior will resist you when you’re in a Goku costume. Gather your friends and create a group costume with these Dragon Ball costumes: Vegeta, Master Roshi, Piccolo, and even Freezer.

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Put your Goku© costume on and use your Kamehameha!

Goku was sent to Earth as a baby with the mission to conquer it. But, when he was a young boy, he lost his memory and this caused him to grow up with a pure heart. He maintained the powers of his race and developed them under Grandpa Gohan’s guidance. Goku’s story in Dragon Ball starts when he and Bulma form an alliance to find the seven dragon orbs. In his training, he learns the dragon dash, the speed of light and how to feel ki (his power for combat and vital force). With Master Roshi’s help, he learns to use Kamehameha, the most famous technique at Turtle School, a choreography in which hands are connected in a power circle of Ki in order to attack with a celestial orb. This is how Goku becomes the most powerful Z Warrior and defends the Earth from evil forces who wish to conquer it. Discover the largest online catalog of Goku costumes and choose one that is sure to be a hit at the next costume party, Halloween or Carnival.