SWAT Costumes for Children and Adults

A SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team is an elite corps featured mainly in American films. You can now be one of them with these SWAT costumes that will turn you into a true hero. Adults will find plenty of SWAT costume options for men and women. Children too can chase criminals with these special police costumes. Get your SWAT costume for kids and become an elite family. You’ll also find the right accessories to add the winning touch to your American special forces look. Caps, glasses and weapons can’t be missing from your SWAT fancy dress costume.

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Put your SWAT costume on and join the American Special Forces.

Are you ready for combat? These SWAT costumes for children include a bodysuit, bulletproof vest, belt with pouches, knee and elbow pads and a mask. Complete your look with a weapon and some handcuffs and you’ll be ready to surprise any bad guy. Adults will also find plenty of SWAT costume options. Get all of the necessary accessories like vests, glasses, helmets or caps, or look for a complete men’s or women’s costume. Young and old will be able to join the elite corps with these SWAT fancy dress costumes and essential accessories.