Virgin Mary Costumes for Girls and Women

Would you like to join a live Nativity scene as one of the main characters? If you’re looking for high-quality and affordable Virgin Mary costumes for girls, you’ve come to the right place. At Funidelia, we have comfortable options for children to wear in school Christmas plays and other Nativity productions. Browse the widest selection of tunics, crowns and veils to find the perfect Nativity scene costume so your child can experience life as baby Jesus’ mother. Virgin Mary costumes for women are also available, so you can join in the joy of baby Jesus’ birth this Christmas. Explore our collection of Virgin Mary costumes for children and adults.

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Take the lead role in the Nativity with these Virgin Mary costumes for girls and women.

If your little girl has been chosen to portray the mother of baby Jesus in a live Nativity scene or a Christmas function, our Virgin Mary costume for girls is exactly what you’ll need. Children’s versions include classic ones, like this one with a robe, cape, scarf and belt. Or, consider our Virgin Mary costume for girls with a dress, belt, headpiece and halo. And the Virgin Mary costume for women comes in different versions, like this one with a dress, cape and veil, and another version with a robe and headpiece.