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If you also think that the dark side is cooler than being a jedi, if black is your colour and you love wearing a cape... you will love the Darth Vader merchandise from Funidelia. We have the best ideas to give a gift to a Star Wars geek! It doesn't matter what colour your lightsaber is or if you have let yourself be won over by the dark side, because our Darth Vader shirts are the coolest in the empire. It doesn't matter if you were born in Tatooine and then you went to live in Coruscant, because if you want to travel we have original Darth Vader rucksacks. If you fancy a "blue milk" cocktail in our Darth Vader merchandise section you will find original mugs. And if you are a flirty Sith at Funidelia we have socks, handbags, notebooks, comfy bathrobes for when you feel disturbances in The Force and fun Darth Vader lamps, just because you are from the dark side doesn't mean that you don't need light. Complete your transformation to the dark side with our Darth Vader merchandise!

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If you recently went for a check-up and your Midi-chlorian levels have hit the ceiling, if your mere presence prevails over others and if you called your son Luke... it is obvious you are a true Star Wars geek and you will love our Darth Vader merchandise. We have all types of gifts for a Darth Vader fan: T-Shirts, rucksacks, mugs, Funko dolls... All types of Darth Vader merchandise products that will make your journeys around the galaxy a lot more enjoyable. Your lack of faith is annoying us as we have the best Darth Vader merchandise from the outer rim of the galaxy!