Fortnite Figures

If you’re a real gamer and a true fan of the Fortnite videogame, you’re in luck. Take a look at these official Fortnite figures of the main characters in the game. We’ve got collectable Fortnite figures like Skull Trooper, Black Knight, Cuddle Team Leader, and even Raptor. These articulated action figures include the detailed uniforms of each character, their weapons, and their most characteristic features. Collect them all! Every character has their rifle or weapon of choice, their characteristic pickaxe and their favourite backpack. They even include a display stand. We’ve got an official replica of the Rainbow Smash Pickaxe from Fortnite, measuring 1 meter high and including working wheels! Remember that we also have a huge variety of Fortnite merchandise, from t-shirts and Funkos to costumes that will turn you into your favourite character. Loot these collectable Fortnite figures and get your hands on your favourites! Hurry - the campers are on the prowl!
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