Fortnite Funko Pop: Skull Trooper, Rex, Cuddle Team Leader...

The Fortnite Funko Pops are ready for the greatest battle imaginable! Collect your favourite characters and make them fight before your friends, or strangers. Show off your Fortnite Funkos and prepare your strategy for the next “Battle Royale”. We’ve got all the Fortnite Funko characters: Funko Skull Trooper, Funko Rex or Funko Omega, and much more. We’ve also got Brite Bomber, Merry Marauder, Cuddle Team Leader, Black Knight, Raptor, Love Ranger... And this huge army of Funko fighters can be yours! Check out all the different kinds of Fortnite merchandise and gifts: spectacular action figures of the main characters, fun shirts, kids pyjamas, and even an official replica of the unicorn Rainbow Smash Pickaxe! If you're a videogame fan and you love the world of gaming, you’ll go nuts when you see the rest of the videogame Funkos on our website! Minecraft, Kingdom Hearts, Street Fighter, Overwatch and God of War. Get your hands on all the Fortnite Funko Pops you can and show them off in front of your friends and rivals!

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