Funko Pop! Figures

Funkos, Pops, bobbleheads, dolls, can call them what you like but it's true that the Funko Pop! are your favourite figures and you know it. It doesn't matter what your favourite film, series, videogame or superhero is, because Funko has a pop doll mini vinyl version of your favourite character. You can collect Funko Pop! in your favourite characters in different styles: Funko Pop! Chase for limited and exclusive editions, Glow in the Dark to light up the darkness, Pop Bubble dolls to those that bob their heads, Funko Flocked dolls that are smooth with a velvet texture... At Funidelia you will find all models of Funko Pop! from your favourite films, series and videogames of all time, to add to your collection. We have Star Wars, Dragon Ball, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Disney and Harry Potter Funko Pop!. You will also find funk dolls from popular series and movies, the coolest superheroes and from the video games you like the most. Choose the Funko Pop! now that you want to add to your collection!

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Who said that when you get older you cannot have dolls anymore? Don't believe it! Funko Pop! cannot be missing from a geeks house or someone who loves the cinema, TV and video games. The Pop dolls have come to stay in our hearts... and bookshelves at home, because at last you can have a funk of your favourite character. At Funidelia you will find Star Wars, Harry Potter, Dragon Ball, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Westworld, The Walking Dead, Rick & Morty, Overwatch, God of War, Minecraft... Pop dolls from an endless array of themes and characters. As you already know, choose your favourite and buy your Funko Pop doll!