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Are you a real Potterhead? Do you love collecting Harry Potter products? If Hogwarts is Harry’s place, Funidelia is yours. Let us present you with a selection of Harry Potter replicas you can collect. Figures, signs, books or wands from this famous saga. We’ve got special Harry Potter figures, a Harry Potter “Undesirable Nº 1” poster, a Platform 9 and 3/4 plaque, Harry, Ron and Hermione artefact boxes, display cases for your Harry Potter wands, a glass display case holding the golden snitch... We’ve even got a magnificent replica of the Monster Book of Monsters and The Marauder's Map, so you can move around Hogwarts freely. If you’re crazy for this magical world then you’ll love our selection of Harry Potter merchandise! Take a look at our selection of replicas and collectable action figures from Harry Potter, or any of your favourite films, superheroes or games. Let your geeky side out!



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  • Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022 Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022
    Official Product
    Includes: Advent Calendar with 24 surprises: socks, pen, key chain, patch, bookmark, bag, necklace, necklace, balloon, pin, sticky notes, tape, eraser, stickers, stamps, ruler, tie, flannel, magnet and puzzle
    36,99 €
  • Harry Potter Jewellery Advent Calendar Harry Potter Jewellery Advent Calendar
    Official Product
    Includes: Advent calendar with jewellery, pendants, pins, keychains and surprises. Turns into a gorgeous jewellery box measuring 21 x 16.5 x 10 cm
    79,99 €