Minecraft Figures

If you see the world in blocks, if you love to travel and discover biomes, if you call people “mobs”, then you’re a real fan of Minecraft. You don’t need to have a pickaxe, excavate trees, or jump around to find these unique Minecraft figures. Here at Funidelia, we make it easy for you to find quintessential character replicas from the most cubic videogame world that has ever existed, whether it’s to collect or to give as a gift. We’ve got plush toys, figures, and Funko Pop in various types and sizes. The power is in your hands, without having to be scared that zombies, creepers, witches, skeletons and Enderman will attack! You’ll find them without having to go through far away islands, suspect forests, speedy horses, mysterious pigmen, loud chickens, friendly llamas, ocelots, and productive mushrooms. Basically, you've arrived at the best biodome for fans of Minecraft merchandise! These collectable videogame figures are essential for any Minecraft fan, and have already delighted thousands of gamers around the world.


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