Money Heist Costumes and Dali Masks

Money Heist is a Spanish TV series that has achieved great international success. These Money Heist costumes will turn you into one of the ambitious robbers that have their eyes set on the Royal Mint of Spain. Our Money Heist costumes are ideal for creating a group costume and emulating the biggest bank heist in history. Everyone can choose a favorite character: the professor, Tokyo, Nairobi, Rio, Moscow, Berlin, Denver, Helsinki and Oslo. Others can even be hostages, since they all wear the same red jumpsuit. Remember that a signature feature of the Money Heist costumes is the Dali mask, a readily identifiable element for these costumes. Our Money Heist costumes are perfect for you, if you’re a fan of the series that has become the most-watched non-English language series on Netflix. Let the matriarchy begin!

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A Dali mask and red jumpsuit: the perfect Money Heist costume.

Our Money Heist costumes include a red zip-up jumpsuit and hood. They also include Dali’s mask, so representative of the TV series characters like Tokyo, Nairobi, Rio, Berlin and even the Professor. Add a machine gun to your Money Heist costume for the perfect look. If all you need is the infamous Dali mask from Money Heist, you can also get it separately. And for the winning touch, carry several bundles of bills and you’ll be all set for the heist of the century. These Money Heist costumes are perfect for creating a group costume with your friends for the next Carnival. Be a part of this top trending series that has gained worldwide popularity.