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There is no doubt that Rick & Morty is the in series. A grandfather (Rick), that doesn't want his grandson (Morty) to waste time learning silly things at college and that's why he takes him "on a trip" on his journeys around the universe and other dimensions. Despite the fact that Rick is a scientist, he's not the best role model for Morty as he drinks, burps constantly, his language is not that suitable for children, he is irresponsible and usually uses his grandson as a "shield" making the most of the fact that he isn't the brightest in his class. All the ingredients for a wild but funny series at the same time. If you consider yourself a Rick & Morty fan, you cannot be without one of our fun RIck & Morty T-Shirts in your wardrobe. We have all the characters and the best moments and episodes from the series: Snuffles, Riggity Riggity, Bird Person... As you know, if you want a Rick & Morty T-Shirt shout "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub" now!!