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The Legend of Zelda is a Japanese videogame created by Nintendo in 1986. Fans can now celebrate, because we have the most original Zelda hoodies. Zelda is a story that is set in the fantasy land of Hyrule. Link is the main character, and his goal is to find the 8 pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom so he can save Princess Zelda, who has been captured and imprisoned by Ganon in Death Mountain. Whether Link is your favorite character, or if you’re a Zelda fan, or if you simply like the videogame’s esthetics, you’ll love these Zelda hoodies and jackets. Browse through different styles, colors and prints, with or without hoods, zip-up, pullover and with Christmas designs. You’ll also find a Zelda jacket with the game’s embossed logo on the back. Discover all of the Zelda products and merchandise available at Funidelia and choose your favorite style.

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Zelda hoodies. Link, Hyrule and Triforce jackets and sweatshirts.

Link is this game’s main character, so you’ll find plenty of Zelda hoodies featuring him. A very original one is a brown and green one that simulates the jacket Link wears on his adventures. Available for men and women. You’ll also find a fun Christmas sweater in blue or green. Browse through other styles of hoodies and jackets, like our royal family hoodie, a grey parka with the sword symbol on the back or a green-toned jacket for women. Explore all of the options of Zelda hoodies available so you can find the perfect gift for a friend or treat yourself. They all have an incredible fit.