Bat Costumes

Bats are one of the most popular animal costumes on Halloween. If you're looking for your Bat costume, you're in the right place because at Funidelia, we have the most original ones.

In our selection you can find unisex bat pajama costumes, fun, comfortable, and warm. Both children and adults can become the kings of the dark night. Do you fancy a family Bat costume? And when we say "family," we mean literally the whole family because we have Bat costumes for all sizes, from the baby Bat costume with which your little one will be adorably terrifying to Bat costumes for your pet.
If your little one wants to have the scariest children's Halloween costume, don't hesitate to complete their child's Bat costume with a good dose of fake blood dripping from the corner of their mouth.
You will also find the sexiest woman's Bat costume to be terrifyingly stunning on Halloween night. You just have to complete it with a pair of bat wings and you're ready for the party.

Do you need accessories to complete your Bat costume? Don't worry, at Funidelia we have all the necessary ones. Bat wings, children's bat cape for the little ones, stockings...
Among the bat accessories available on our website, you can also find a selection of masks and eye masks so you can put the final touch on your Halloween look.

And if you want to be even more frightening... how about becoming the most famous vampire? Dracula is capable to transform into a bat and with a vampire costume you can become the most well-known inhabitant of Transylvania.
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