Punk Costumes and Wigs

Let the Carnival begin with these punk costumes. You’ll be ready to become a true 90’s punk with your studded jewelry and well-groomed mohawk. Accessories really mark the difference for these costumes and can even become identifying elements. So, put on your fishnet gloves, add a spiked choker and a mohawk wig to show off your genuine punk style. In our online catalog, you’ll find a wide variety of accessories to complete your look. Besides, find punk costumes in zombie style, ideal for Halloween; or modern punk costumes for men and girls. Rocker skirts, punk witches, colorful wigs and pointy mohawks, you’ve got what it takes to unleash your inner rebel!

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Your punk costume will turn you into a true 90’s punk. Discover how to create your look. Let that mohawk scream rebellion!

Mohawks are an identifying element in any punk costume. Browse through our wide selection of mohawk wigs and discover blonde, brunette and multicolored options. Also, find a helmet with an inflatable, multicolored mohawk, and even an alien punk-styled mask with a green mohawk. But, punks cannot live on mohawks alone…so add a spiked choker and bracelet to your 90’s look and rock the next concert or Carnival. If you’re looking for a complete punk costume, check out our punk witch costume or our zombie punk costume for women that comes with a belted dress, fishnet gloves and t-shirt.